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Sanrio Addicts
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About the Sanrio Community
This community is for Sanrio Addicts around the world to post their finds and network with one another. Been looking for a certain HK item? Here's the place to post about it. Want to share a website that has some great Sanrio stuff? Here's the place to post.

Community Rules

  1. Post only about Sanrio or similar topics.
  2. Please use language appropriate for a general audience. Our members and visitors are of all ages, so please be respectful of that.
  3. Do not direct-link to images that are not on your own web site or photo account. (If you need somewhere to host images, try PhotoBucket.)
  4. Do not share any images that were not created by you (even if they're on your web site or account), unless you give credit to the creator.
  5. Advertising is allowed, BUT:

    1) Members of this community may only advertise on Friday-Sunday. They are allowed to make posts for their merchandise or online shops, but they are NOT allowed to make repeated posts for the same stuff. No flooding the community!

    2) You may sell Sanrio/San-X/other "kawaii" and related items and advertise shops selling merchandise along those lines.

    3) However, this doesn't mean that, for example, if sanrio.com came out with a new Deery Lou line or tarinatarantino.com released new Pink Head necklaces you couldn't post in the community saying "Hey guys! Check this out! :D" That's fine to do.

    4) If you break these rules your post will be deleted. After that you will get a warning but if you still flood the community you may get banned (and I don't want to do that!)

  6. If you are employed by Sanrio, either at a store or corporate headquarters, please do not post corporate Sanrio information that is not publicly known, or complaints/rants about customers you have interacted with.
  7. Please put big images behind a lj-cut

If you do anything to break these rules, your post will be deleted. If you are a repeat offender, you may be banned from the group.

If you have any questions, complaints, etc, please contact rushifaa

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