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Selling some merchandises [Nov. 3rd, 2012|05:20 pm]
Sanrio Addicts


Hi I'm selling the following merchandises over at my dreamwidth.

  • Little Twin Stars A4 clear file.
  • Hello Kitty A4 clear files.
  • My Melodake ring-notebook.
  • My Melody & Kuromi A6 ring-notebook.
  • Hello Kitty (Fairy) letter sets.
  • My Melody (Sanrio) mobile strap.

    You may comment here/PM me on my LJ too though. (: Thank you!
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    [User Picture]From: mayralpf
    2014-06-06 09:50 pm (UTC)
    Hi! Are all your Sanrio stuff still available for sale?
    Please email me at mayralp@hotmail.com

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    [User Picture]From: c_e_ocean_dark
    2014-06-06 11:32 pm (UTC)
    Thanks for asking, I have just sent you an email! (:
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